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here is a short list of books that I liked and which in some way changed my way of thinking on a given topic

The 4 hour workweek

By Tim Ferriss

This books about the free entrepreneur lifestyle taught me a lot about entrepreneurship and management.
He prone in particular the creation of a muse (this muse which for him is this book) to have financial and daily freedom.
Even if our goal is not necessarily to work 4 hours a week in terms of time management, we have learned a lot.

 Trust people they are capable of much more than you think


The first 20 hours

By Josh Kaufman 

This book which was written by a « constant learner » gives the keys to successfully learn any knowledge in just 20 hours.
Of course the goal is not to become an expert in the matter but to have the necessary skills to be able to practice.
Its key is in particular to pass on the (emotional) barriers which make us believe that it is very complicated and to deconstruct the skill.
Practiced without understanding everything at the beginning.

The personal mba

By Josh Kaufman

A very good summary (or even a replacement) of an mba.
Everything we need to know about starting a business. From market research to product manager.

However, the one and only way to learn to start a business is to start one, not to read a book.

if this a man

By Primo Levi 

a true detailed account of a survivor of the Nazi camps who tells what it is to survive in day by day in the death camps.
Aside from the historical side, we can learn a lot of lessons on how to survive in a hostile environment. He details how he saves energy, food etc.  

In the winter of 1942 if they told me that in the winter of 1943 I would still be here, I would thrown myself to the electric barrier right away.
The reason that kept me alive is that every day I just wanted to survive until the next day.