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Why I think Netflix is going to become one of the biggest companies in the world!

Netflix is an American multinational company created in Scotts Valley in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph belonging to the creative industries sector. It specializes in the distribution and exploitation of film and television works through a dedicated platform. Its headquarters are located in Los Gatos, California.

Several times in its history Netflix has adapted to a major change in its business-it has gone from being a DVD rental/retailer to a leading movie streaming platform. Their ability to radically change strategy in the face of the market is very high.

One of the most sought after skills in the entrepreneurial world is the ability to adapt. The agile method is very much in demand in this field. Conversely, the reasons for an entrepreneurial failure can be numerous, however commonly it is due to the fact that entrepreneurs do not adapt, they think they are right even if the market proves the opposite, resulting in a startup that responds to no demand (except that of the CEO)

Netflix has repeatedly met the challenge of mutating, adapting and completely transforming itself to fit the market. The media and movie market has changed dramatically many times in the last few years, yet Netflix remains the leader.

Another reason why Netflix became Netflix is that Netflix became a content creator, and not in just any field. The field of cinema and media is a field that directly affects the thinking of Internet users, Internet users who watch a documentary on a given subject are necessarily impacted by the way of thinking of the director. To be a leader in a field that orients the current of thought is not negligible (it can even be dangerous). It is not for nothing that the richest man in the world (Jeff Bezoz) bought one of the biggest newspapers in the USA (Washinton post) for 250 million dollars as well as a big production company (MGM) for 8 billion dollars.

Netflix regularly releases documentary series that are very interesting but can sometimes lead to collective thinking, Netflix has also released a documentary on Big Tech (The Social Dilemma) which explains how GAFA uses all the means of marketing and growth hacking possible to get the user hooked even if it means exploiting their data, the only downside is that Netflix is a Big Tech and it uses the same practices.

That being said, and given the size of the company, it would not surprise me to see in the next few years a « Netflix Learning » to learn code, design, or math. It would not surprise me if there is an « addiction » to Netflix as there is today for Google. Learn on Netflix, relax on Netflix, get educated on Netflix, become Netflix.

Netflix’s stock market performance over the last 5 years