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Chlomo Buff

Marketing & Database

Passionate about innovation and new technologies, I am always ready to take on new challenges!

My strong taste for data, marketing, IT and technological advancement allows me to work to learn to adapt and to contribute to new technologies.
Self learner and independent I try in each situation to understand the entrepreneurial issues



A very good knowledge and experience of marketing skill including its analysis, advertising and automation tools.

Competitor analysis and benchmarking.



Advanced knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server, Postgres and Mysql.

Database administration, performance monotoring, backup & restor, user & roles management etc .


data analytics

A great knowledge in ETL process with power bi.
experienced with excel and visualization tools like tableau and power BI.

big data & data WAREHOUSE

Data warehouse design with sql database and BigQuerry.
Advanced knowledge in ETL process via SSIS tool (Microsoft)

cloud computing

Large knowledge in cloud computing especially in AWS.
high availability deployment, API gateway and so on.


Development of several web projects with html css and JavaScript as well as framework like react and nodeJs. Creation of website with cms like wordpress


Good understanding of business processes, Customer acquisition and retention, Metrics analysis and so on. Entrepreneurial experience.

Event tracking

Event tracking with Google tag manager & Google analitycs. Custom dimention and reporting.  


Creation and management of many google ads campaign and Facebook ads campaign.

Soft Skill 

Knowing how to code, take control of advertising
tools or even manage a given database on the cloud,
all of this can be learned and can be improved at work. However, having non-technical but personal qualities
can be very advantageous to take charge of a
job in a company


A very strong desire to become someone, to create something or to change a domain that has not evolved    

Attention to detail

I am convinced that the difference between a great thing and a worse thing is in the details.
That’s why I try to pay attention to details as much as possible


The only way to stay up to date is to constantly learn.
What was valid yesterday is no longer valid today.
With the explosion of big data and the democratization of the cloud computing, new professions are being created and we must learn them   


A great capacity to adapt to a new situation, a new environment or a new field. Learning a new programming language or deploying an application in a new environment is a challenge that I gladly take


Google Ads Search Certification

Google Analytics Qualification

Tableau Essential Training

DBA Master

My latest blog post



Why I think Netflix is going to become one of the biggest companies in the world! Netflix is an American multinational company created in Scotts Valley in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph belonging to the creative industries sector. It specializes in the...

StoryTelling vs ProductTelling

StoryTelling vs ProductTelling

In marketing, there is a concept that comes up a lot, the concept of storytelling, of communication and presentation of a product. Telling a story around a product, creating a whole universe around a brand has always been something essential in a brand. Take the...

Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain Revolution

On October 31, 2008, a man named Satoshi Nakamoto published a message in an email list in which he announced the creation of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin based on Blockchain technology. Since then, all crypto fans have been talking about the "new internet", the...

My process

1 Doing

The best way to tackle a subject for the first time is to dive into it completely. Doing before learning theoretical design makes it easier to delve into the subject later.

2 Learning

After being immersed in a new subject and accustoming our brains to the new design, learning the theoretical concept associated with it will teach us more and you will have solid foundation to be an expert

3 Doing

Finally after having experienced the first two steps of the process, we therefore have a basic technical experience plus a broad knowledge of the domain, practice, practice and practice, you now be an expert

World-Class Productivity


Deep work is a state of intense work. focus in your work without doing or thinking about anything else.

difuse mode

Diffuse mode is what I call the opposite of deep work to be in a state where you « hover » a little.

For a work to be creative and innovative there must be a combination of the two working methods, the deep work and the diffuse mode. When learning new skills, the brains take time to digest all the new data. The diffuse mode in this kind of situation is very beneficial (after deep work of course) this allows the brains to gather all the data to acquire « reflex ».